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Meats and Poultry


Each side of beef is hand selected by our team of portioned control experts. Our team has a combined 81 years of experience in the portioned control business. Certain customers have price points that need to be met and some have marbling requirements that need to be met. We believe they are equally important needs and we certainly Please contact us to see if our beef options make sense for you!


These days there are several varieties of pork and we have relationships with purveyors specializing in each of the varieties ensuring that we can get exactly what our customer wants.


We are certainly passionate about the veal industry and we can offer standard cuts or unique customized cuts of the exact quality of veal desired.


From chicken to turkey to duck, we monitor the market for the best available products.  Whole birds, specific cuts and of course, specific sizes are all part of what you need and what we carry.

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