Alliant Food Service Products

We offer a unique assortment of custom meat and seafood products along with a variety of other categories to be a one stop shop for your food service needs. From side dishes to center of the plate proteins, we are your exclusive solution. We also have a virtual warehouse containing over 112,000 products from over 800 manufacturers. Browse our product lists for details and contact us so we can answer any questions and learn about your business!

Ethnic Featured Image


The dining landscape is forever changing and we consider the culinary trends to be of the utmost importance. Ethnic cuisines […]

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Pizza Italian Featured Image

Pizza Italian

Simply put, it’s at the top of the line. It’s so popular that we make it it’s own category. It’s […]

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Dry Foods Featured Image

Dry Foods

From beans and peas to canned vegetables, our warehouse stays stocked with every option wanted.

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Meats and Poultry Featured Image

Meats and Poultry

Beef Each side of beef is hand selected by our team of portioned control experts. Our team has a combined […]

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Non-Food Items Featured Image

Non-Food Items

Food is certainly the top of mind topic when our industry is considered, as it should be. Through experience we […]

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Appetizers & Prepared Foods Featured Image

Appetizers & Prepared Foods

Frozen isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the food service industry anymore. Specific technologies have allowed for food to maintain […]

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Gulf Seafood Featured Image

Gulf Seafood

Simply put, our geographic location gives us access to some of the world’s best seafood and we take advantage of […]

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Dairy Featured Image


Our dairy catalog covers a wide array of items including: Butter Oil Butter Whirl Butter Solids Butter Chips Sour Cream […]

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