Payment Options

Payment Options

  • Credit Card Agreement

    If you would like the option to pay with a credit card, please fill out the information below.
  • Ship-to-Address

  • Please fill out Credit Application Regardless of need for credit.

  • Accounts Payable Information

  • Please List four (2) TRADE references that THIS business is currently doing business with.

    Please DO NOT list SYSCO, US Foodservice or any Liquor Distributors as a reference, they do not give out information or are not valid for reference to establish credit history and this may delay your approval for credit.
  • Reference 1

  • Reference 3

  • For good valuable consideration, the undersigned party (ies) jointly, severally and unconditionally guarantees prompt payment of any and all credit that may be extended to your company by Alliant Food Service, LLC for any materials ordered or work performed for or on the behalf of the undersigned party (ies) and acknowledges that credit may be extended to the undersigned party (ies) as a result of the representations and information contained in the previously listed application. For good and valuable consideration, the undersigned jointly and severally unconditionally guarantees the prompt payment of all credit that may be extended to your company by Alliant Food Service, LLC from the date of this agreement until ten (10) days after receipt by Alliant Food Service, LLC, 134 Brookhollow Esplanade Harahan, LA 70123 of written notifi cation. It is understood and agreed that credit is to be extended by Alliant Food Service, LLC on a continuing basis, and Alliant Food Service, LLC shall not be obligated to notify the undersigned party (ies) of dates or amounts of any such credit extended. The undersigned party (ies) hereby waives demand, notice of default and any extension of time or other forbearance which may be extended by Alliant Food Service, LLC. Charges may be incurred by the undersigned party (ies) associated with delivery of products and or services rendered by Alliant Food Service, LLC. Alliant Food Service, LLC shall not be required to notify the undersigned party (ies) in advance, of any change or adjustment transportation fees, fuel surcharges, delivery rates or any charges associated with delivery expenses incurred by Alliant Food Service, LLC or any pricing changes associated with unforeseeable occurrences. The undersigned agree, jointly and severely, to pay in addition to the indebtedness hereby guaranteed, all costs of collections and court costs, and 2% per month (24% per annum) interest if sent to collections.
  • I hereby acknowledge that the above stated information (page one of this form) is to the best of my knowledge correct. I also authorize Alliant Food Service to obtain credit information from my references.
  • Alliant Food Service promises never to sell, distribute, share, divulge, or misuse any of the above stated information. All information is solely for internal use and will not be released for any reason without the expressed written consent of the above listed party (ies).